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Great Apps for stock market research and analysis

Every financial trader and investor looks for the best application that will help them make a profit-making deal. This has increased the popularity of financial applications on various platforms.

They offer real-time updates on the stock market and help investors in choosing the right financial product for investment.

The following are some of the best stock trading apps rounded up for both beginners and advanced investors to consider.

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Money Control is one of the best apps if you are an investor, trader, or a novice trying to learn the tricks of the trade. You can track the latest updates on Indian and Global financial markets on your smartphone with the Moneycontrol App. The app brings real-time quotes on Indian and Global indices, stocks, futures, commodities, currencies, and even mutual funds to your fingertips. It also contains a forum where you can ask for advice from other investors.

The app is available on both Android and IOS.

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Yahoo Finance

Yahoo! Finance app, offering a broad range of financial coverage. It covers a vast range of indices, and almost all information, be it the price of a commodity or the latest finance-related news. Yahoo! Finance app also offers a daily market summary and news, tracks tickers that are important to you, and lets you add or remove stocks from the watchlist. The simple yet dynamic user interface makes it one of the best stock market apps for stock research.

The app is available on both Android and IOS.

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Economic Times(ET) Markets

ET market is a great stock market analysis app. It is one of the best for reading market news and updates quickly. The app has a very user-friendly interface you can easily create your watchlist and track them regularly, you can also customize news to your liking and get analysis on the stock market from the experts.

The app is available on both Android and IOS.

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CNBC has been a top-rated news channel that is followed by millions for getting the latest business news. The CNBC app is an extended version of the news channel, which can be accessed from smartphones. It offers precise information related to business, finance, and the stock market.

Traders can follow various shares and stay up-to-date with the stock market very quickly with this mobile application. It has a watchlist that makes the stock-monitoring process hassle-free

Besides live updates, this app allows people to watch videos and episodes of various financial shows hosted by the channel.

The CNBC app is available for both android and ios.

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